Bedbugs Eat Blood, are you on their menu?

Bed bugs are probably the worst pest you could have in your house, good news, we have a solution.

We are the leading provider of bedbugs (Kunguni) eradication control products to help you contain and control Bed bugs in your home. 

We Provide Effective Bedbugs Treatment with 100% Guarantee

Our sniffer dogs are specially trained to sniff out bedbugs and Assured Pest Control Fumigators will kill them all. 

Do not send a child home from school if they are known or suspected to have a bed bug infestation at home. … Provide the student with plastic bags or a plastic bin in which to store their belongings while they are at school. Isolate the students belongings.

If a bed bug is found on a child in school, it does not mean the child brought the bed bug into the school. Bed bugs do not infest people; they only feed on them. … One bed bug is NOT an infestation – inspect and monitor. Infested classrooms require professional treatment and parental notification.

Fumigation occurs when an inorganic gas is pumped into an enclosed, sealed space stuffed with your household items. In a controlled environment, the gas replaces the oxygen, causing all bed bugs and their eggs to suffocate and die.

To get rid of bedbugs follow the above steps or call our Bedbugs Experts to knock them down once and for all with a 30 days guarantee, if they appear within 30 days we treat for free!

Top 5 signs you have bedbugs!

Bed bugs Life Cycle, Adult bedbugs can survive for 12-18 months without feeding while a young nymphs need to feed weekly. 

If you think you have bed bugs, we HIGHLY recommend you first contact an exterminator and establish a  strategy  to maximize your chances of success. If you attempt to kill bed bugs on your own, you risk making the infestation worse. The products we recommend in this article should be used with extreme discretion. 

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"I really love the way you guys knocked down all bedbugs...thanks guys we really appreciate it. will give my friends your contact"
Joan Wanjiku
Housekeeping Supervisor
"They provide great services and good customer care".
Wycliffe Mosongo

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