Are Flies giving you an headache?


Because of the way they eat, flies contaminate large amounts of food. They carry germs of several deadly diseases and cause millions of deaths every year.

House flies are known to carry and spread diseases like Cholera and many others…..

Below is a list of most commonly found types of houseflies along with their breeding places:

House fly, (Musca domestica) Breeding Sources: Garbage, Manures, rotting fruits & vegetables, decaying organic materials.

Flesh fly (Sarcophaga Bercaea) Breeding Sources: Garbage, dead animals

Blow fly (Lucilia cuprina) Breeding Sources: Garbage, decaying organic materials, dead animals

Cluster fly (Calliphoridae) Breeding Sources: cracks in the soil

Fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Breeding Sources: Damp organic matters, rotting fruits and vegetables, garbage, drain, fresh fruits.

Drain fly (Psychodidae) Breeding Sources: Drains, sewers, septic tanks and soil that has been contaminated with sewage.

You need to do it yourself?

Here's our top products that will clear all flies infestation you might have!

Top Best Flies Control Products

Below are the most effective Flies Control products we have!

1. Agita Bait
2. K-Othrine

1. Agita Flies Bait

Agita (10WG) is an insecticide for the control of flies in homes, restaurants, butcheries, bakeries, animal houses and other indoor areas where flies are a nuisance.

Size: 10g

Kshs 250  

Active Ingredients: Thiamethoxam 10% and 9 tricosene which is a fly attractant. 

Other Names: dawa ya nzi, flies killer 

2. K-Othrine SC50

K-Othrine EC50 provides instant control of house flies in domestic and industrial premises, The only recommended Insecticide for public health use against house flies.

Size: 20g, 1lts

Active Ingredients: Deltamethrin 15g/L

Other Names: Dawa ya Inzi, flies killer

Kshs 5000  

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