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We provide discreet, hygienic and convenient options to enable any workspace to dispose of their sanitary waste. Our units are slim-line and can be placed easily on either side of your toilet. They are available in a variety of colours and come in two sizes, Standard 23litre and Mini 15litre, to meet the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As part of the initial rental cost of each unit, they are serviced 4 weekly as standard. Every unit has a specially treated scented liner, to minimise any unpleasant odours, which is fully replaced each time we service. We also clean and deodorise them on site, causing the minimum disruption to your business, and take the bags of waste away to dispose of them for you.

We provide Special Sanitary Bins

Assured hygiene service providing you with five layers of protection.

Our advanced Assured Sanitary Bins hygiene service that raises the standard of hygiene by:

  • Reducing the presence of (Escherichia coli) E coli
  • Reducing bacteria levels in the cubicle
  • Reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Reducing damages, scrapes and scratches on your feminine hygiene unit

Our Services

We Deliver New Sanitary Bins

Assured Sanitary Bins are provided in each ladies washroom at the client facility to collect and store sanitary waste hygienically and safely.

We Collect Filled Sanitary Bins

Assured Ladies Sanitary Bins Collecting team collect filled bins and replace them with Clean disinfected ones ready for use by the client.

We Dispose (Incinerate) Waste

The filled sanitary bins are moved to our Incineration,  where they are incinerated in our special Eco Friendly Sanitary Napkin Incinerator.

Our Rates

Our service rates are Kshs 1,500 per bin per collection

A refundable one-month service deposit of Kshs 1,500 per bin per collection is charged upon installation in your washroom(s)

Assured Sanitary Bins delivery Team

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Assured Eco Friendly Incineration Process

We provide the best solution for this problem by providing Napkin incinerator with Eco-friendly

Assured Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads Incinerator – upto 50 Kg Load

Assured Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads Incinerator – upto 25 Kg Load

Disposal of the used Sanitary Napkins has been a very common problem.  Especially in Kenya, the used napkins are thrown to bathroom dustbins as it leads to embarrassing visuals and smells and the used napkins are flushed into the Drain. Both the above methods of disposing of Sanitary Napkins create problems. Here we provide the best solution for this problem by providing Napkin incinerator with Eco-friendly.

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Why Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Business?

  • We are a licensed and insured company.
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • We are staffed by meticulous and hardworking cleaners.
  • We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.
  • We have been in operation since 1997.
  • We have friendly and helpful staff.
  • We offer comprehensive cleaning services at affordable rates.
  • We uphold integrity in our work.

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